HySiLabs recrute !

Business Developer Post Description

The company

HySiLabs offers an emission-free, stable, non-explosive, liquid fuel that releases hydrogen onsite and on-demand, with no energy input required. This innovative technology maintains all of the advantages of the hydrogen energy vector, while excluding the disadvantages associated with the transportation and storage of gaseous hydrogen. The technology can be applied to a wide range of applications including stationary sites, portative devices, and hydrogen mobility.


HySiLabs is looking for a business developer in charge of creating long-term value for HySiLabs from tasks including market analyses, strong customer relationships, and positive communication and representation to the public.


The business developer will work closely with the CEO towards the commercial and economic development of the startup. The business developer will be in charge of researching new potential markets for HySiLabs to enter and for creating strong relationships with key players in these markets. He or she will also be in charge of maintaining updated information on novelties regarding the hydrogen sector, such as new technologies, new regulations, and new initiatives taking place in different parts of the world. The business developer will be in charge of keeping marketing documents such as presentations and pitches up to date. He or she will also be in charge of finding pertinent competitions and forums to participate in, and representing the company at these events. Regarding communications, the business developer will use social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) to announce company updates and increase HySiLabs’ visibility and recognition. Finally, the business developer will design business development projects and manage groups of business school students that will carry out these projects.

Mission breakdown

  • Research potential markets
  • Establish relationships with key players
  • Keep company marketing information up to date (Presentations, Pitches)
  • Keep track of novelties in the hydrogen sector (new technologies, regulations, initiatives)
  • Apply to competitions and opportunities, and represent the company at events
  • Increase HySiLabs’ visibility using available social media (Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Organize and lead groups of business school students on specific business development projects Job Requirements
  • Fluent English and French
  • Bac +5 (master’s degree equivalent)
  • Open to working in a startup environment
  • Technical background (preferred)
  • Good communications and presentation skills

Post Characteristics

  • Contract type: full-time or internship
  • Start date: Beginning of March
  • Salary: Depending on type of contract
  • Location : Technopôle de l'Environnement Arbois Méditerranée, Aix en Provence, France

Please send a CV and cover letter: recruitment@hysilabs.com

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