AAP H2020-économie circulaire

  • Innovation
  • Par  MEBAREK Lounis

This focus area is at the heart of how Horizon 2020 contributes to sustainably boosting economic growth and renewing Europe's industrial capacities in a world of finite resources.

It will demonstrate the economic and environmental feasibility of the circular economy approach, and at the same time give a strong impetus to the re-industrialisation of the EU, by developing and deploying new approaches and technologies. This focus area will bring together complementary activities, which as a whole will address the overall objectives of enhancing European industrial competitiveness and moving towards a circular economy.
Actions will support the goals outlined in the Communications ‘Towards a circular economy: A zero waste programme for Europe’ and ‘European Industrial Renaissance’, and are in line with the Commission's new Roadmap for a Circular Economy Strategy. They follow up the European Council conclusions of March and June 2014, in particular the Council's call for a systemic approach to cleantech.
There are synergies to be reaped from working across different pillars of Horizon 2020 in tapping new sources of green growth and maximising the uptake of new opportunities by industry, including SMEs. These are expected to boost investment and job creation, and consolidate Europe's global green leadership.


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