WE@EU: RdV pour projets H2020 et BtoB

Seront présents des représentants de clusters environnement en Espagne, Israël, Angleterre et Malte; 3 entreprises espagnoles, ainsi que des représentants de groupe de travail internationaux sur l'eau.

Voici la description des activit�s des entreprises espagnoles et de ce qu'elles recherchent : {{Grupo Verne :}} Spanish SME specialized in the development of imaginative and innovative technological solutions aimed to introduce the use of modern technology in agriculture and farming particular processes. Since 1996, Grupo Verne has developed specific applications designed modernize the agricultural and livestock sector. Two products are mostly related to water efficiency: a) Automation and remote control of irrigation lock gates. b) TRD Micro turbine. The Verne Group TRD micro turbine is a hydraulic turbine specifically designed for the charge of batteries using water from pressured water lines. We're looking for: Mainly Business cooperation. But do not dismiss technological cooperation. {{COGNIT :}} Industry specialists. Unlike generalist consultancies, COGNIT knows industrial processes in detail and are able to provide tailor-made solutions every time. Their main objective is to provide optimization in industrial processes. Based in Six Sigma toolbox to achieve maximum savings for their clients. Water and energy experts, they offer independent advice (they do not sell equipment or services for third parties). We're looking for : Identifying new technological solutions for water and energy efficiency for industry. Technological cooperation (innovative project development). Import solutions for our industrial clients. {{INGEOBRAS}}: Spanish engineering born in 2005 combining the dedication and small business deal with the possibilities of the biggest. In 2009 starts working internationally drafted projects and studies in the area of Central Asia and after the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, they started a new stage in the Caribbean area offering integral projects including architecture, engineering , geotechnical studies and the proper execution of work. Currently INGEOBRAS continues to provide engineering expertise and working in turn key projects in any country. We're looking for : Business cooperation and technological cooperation.