Webinar: Sustainable Tourism

Publié le : 25 Mai 2018

Webinar: Sustainable Tourism – Educational and technical tools for its implementation in the Mediterranean islands



The last webinar of this series is set on 25 May 2018, 10h30, Brussels time.

Do you practice sustainable tourism? Do you know what sustainable tourism is? Now, more than ever, this approach needs to become a priority for policy makers, for the touristic sector and in general for all citizens. We should all together learn how the travel industry can develop for a greener future by causing no harm to a country’s local environment and heritage, while still improving the local economy.

In order to help public institutions, private sector firms and civil society from islands to take up this new challenge, the BLUEISLANDS project will give you some hints via the collective and territorial intelligence approach webinar.


The webinar will:

  • Underline the key issues faced by Mediterranean Islands in terms of sustainable tourism: by providing a global vision of economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts for the territories;
  • Showcase “educational” and “technical” good practices Tourism, necessary for facing the challenges caused by the waste generated as an effect of tourism;
  • Present a set of innovative actions to be taken by the touristic sector stakeholders for its future development (by circular approach, by mobilizing the creativity and the collective intelligence of local stakeholders).




The speaker for this webianr will be Axel FRICK, with 15 years of experience in sustainable tourism.